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SKORCH is an evolving and powerful publication that embodies the generation of body love warriors who take to social media and blogging to share advice and inspire others. SKORCH launched the first digital magazine of it’s kind in January 2007 and thanks to the advent of myspace and model mayhem, it quickly became a voice of the twenty-something fashion lover with curves reaching over 1 million views by December 2007.

ahead of the curve.

Like our creator and founder, the trail blazing digital media pioneer Jessica Kane, we do things a bit differently. We listen to our community and see where the need is headed and get there before anyone else. We are vivacious, tech loving nerd status, fashion loving millennials ourselves and are taking this amazing 7 year old brand to the next level in 2015. We are committed to showcasing the community of women shaping the growth of the plus size industry and believe all women are models and reserve our covers for women who overall are kicking some body loving ass.

skorch readers…

  • buy fashion. Our readers buy clothes. 85% of readers report they won’t buy something online unless they can see it on a body they can relate to FIRST.  Which is why……

  • We refuse to only feature models, because despite the myth that circulates – plus size women WILL buy fashion if they see it on a women their body type. BUT, they need to feel good about themselves first, which is why…. 

  • We refuse to only feature what society says is beautiful, and we feature the most body diverse content available in the world. This is why our readership is so loyal to our mission, thus feeling great about themselves and therefore – buying the clothes!

  • #noeditnoshame 100% no edit guarantee on all bodies featured in anything we publish, including skin edits, hair, body, etc. We can’t begin to appreciate our own REAL bodies unless we see other real bodies and understand, we ARE perfect as we are.



SKORCH averages over 220,000 Impressions and 48,000 unique readers per month.

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