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Skin is In – A Glowing Shift in the Beauty Industry


For a while there I was having a really hard time scrolling through Instagram feed. As a full time makeup artist and hair stylist, IG has become a huge source of inspiration and networking for me. But with all the cut creases and serum dripping down faces, I was getting exhausted and a little discouraged by most of it’s mainstream makeup content. I felt pressured into keeping up with trends that were clearly fleeting, as well as oversaturated with looks that were not only unrealistic, but also where not going to make a working artist any money.


Before I began freelancing full time I worked for a skincare company. I was still a makeup artist then but the nice thing was I was able to focus on the most important aspect of the makeup application process, the skin prep. I learned the ins and outs of ingredients and different types of treatments for different conditions and what I found was that most women just wanted to feel comfortable in their skin. So I felt super happy to be in the position to show them how to be comfortable by treating their skin condition, not covering it up with products.


While very young women don’t often have to worry about wrinkles and sunspots, I was beginning to worry about the complete lack of emphasis on skincare in mainstream makeup talk. When new eye shadow palettes launched every week, what teenage girl is going to spend her after school job money on moisturizer instead of shadow? The battle was a tough one and for a while I was a little worried about the future of my industry. This may sound dramatic but if you look at the typical “Instagram” makeup looks and the looks you find in magazines like Vogue and Elle, they couldn’t be more different. Editorial makeup has an extreme emphasis on skin and I’ve seen first hand how knowing how to achieve a flawless skin look without heavy foundation application can make or break an artists career. Even the contour king himself, Mario Dedivanovic (@makeupbymario) is placing less of an emphasis on contour and more on skin, skin skin with his current looks.


Photo: Nichole Alex // Model: Anna Krylova // Makeup: Amanda Bourne

That’s when I noticed that the industry has really begun to shift. I think more and more women are realizing that most of these tricks they’re learning from IG artists are really just unrealistic for everyday wear. I can’t tell you how many bridal trials I’ve done where the bride goes on and on about how many highlighting and contouring videos she’s watched on YouTube, then is horrified once she sees these looks on her own face. Even after I’ve briefed her and tried to persuade her to no avail to try a lighter look. So at the end of it all I have to go back and change it, when that could have been avoided in the first place.


But like with all trends, they come and go with the seasons and I’m super excited to see that even glowing skin is back on. Especially with brands like Glossier, Milk and Deciem, who have really taken off with a minimalist approach. They’re simplifying the makeup application process and not only making it easier and faster for everyday where, but also more personal as a brand, which is exactly what was missing.


Note: I’m super fortunate to also be on the rep team for glossier (though this post is not sponsored by them in any way). So if you love the brand and would like to shop my personal favorites that I use on myself as well as my clients, you can click here and also receive 20% off your order.

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