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Summer Makeup that Lasts

Somewhere, somehow, in the last five years, my skin type has completely changed. While most of my life I marked the “dry” box in assessments, I somehow skipped the normal stage and hopped right into oily, seemingly overnight. While I don’t hate this category because like most of us I know that this means less wrinkles when I’m older, I know that it also means my makeup application requires much more attention to last throughout the day. With summer coming and temperatures soon to be on the rise, we need to make sure our faces look good and stay in place. This was especially true at the recent Torrid Pool Party. Even with something as seemingly “casual” as a pool party, you have to make sure you’re out there looking your best. You know plus women are constantly killing it these days so we need to make sure we are always on point, casual or not. So I’m going to give you a few of my personal (and professional) makeup tips on how to summer and sweat proof your makeup application.



Above: These are the only photos I got of myself at the Torrid Party! But at least I made them count right??? From left to right, Ashley Nell Tipton, Nicole Byer, Amanda Bourne (me) and Troy Solomon

First step, skin care. As a professional makeup artist, this is the VERY first question I ask my clients who have problematic skin and/or concerns about how products work. Because a majority of the time, it’s not the product, it’s your skincare…

I know I know, buying skincare isn’t as fun as picking up the latest contour palette, I hear you. But your skin is important, and there’s more brands catering to a younger crowd than ever before. So the first thing you want to do is cleanse and exfoliate. I prefer a cleanser that takes off my makeup and doesn’t dry out my skin, Dermalogica Cleansing Gel is great and non stripping. Then I go in with a chemical exfoliator like Clinque’s Toning Lotion in 2. This will close my pores back up, exfoliate my skin to a smooth surface and absorb any excess oil. Then I moisturize. This is where depending on your skin, you can kill two birds with one stone. Glossier makes a Priming Moisturizer I’m in love with (if you want to shop with me on their site you can do so here). For those that aren’t particularly oily, a two in one product like this could do the trick and you could go straight to foundation after you apply it. However, since I warned you all that I’m a grease ball, we’re going to prime once more. This time with the mother of all gimmick products, Nivea Aftershave Balm for Men. If you know anything about the beauty world you know that this product was introduced a while ago by Nikki Tutorials and got mixed reviews. While I’ll admit I hate gimmick products and I think we’re constantly being sold items we don’t need, this one actually works. It controls oil better than anything I’ve used and will actually help your makeup wear all day.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.55.59 PM

Next you want to choose your foundation, and go for something matte. I love Double Wear by Este Lauder. It’s a semi-matte so any skin type can wear it AND it’s full coverage. My favorite thing about it is you can wear a full face of makeup and it still won’t feel heavy. I also find that it doesn’t cause breakouts compared to similar coverage foundation from other brands.

Then after you apply the concealer of your choice (anything creamy will do), you want to set your face with powder. First decide if you want the powder to add more coverage (foundation powder), or if you just want it to set what you already have (translucent powder). Once you decide, you then have to assess which tool to use depending on your oil level and/or the weather. If you want light setting, take a large fluffy brush and sweep the powder over your face. Focusing on the “T” Zone and the skin around your nose. If you REALLY need to set (like me), take a damp Beauty Blender Sponge and press and roll the powder into your skin. This will allow for full powder coverage, but the sponge will help you blend it in seamlessly. Once you’re done with all this, apply the rest of your favorite products. Don’t forget the waterproof mascara and liquid lipstick for all day wear.

See now that wasn’t so bad was it? Can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces this Summer, Happy Pool Slaying! <3



Summer Slaying Makeup that lasts


*Amanda Bourne is a professional makeup artist, hair stylist and Skorch’s Beauty Editor based out of Los Angeles.

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