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5 Podcasts You Should Already Be Listening To

With the new year here, everyone is picking up new habits. If you aren’t already obsessed with podcasts, like me, might I suggest TAKE IT UP! Listening to podcast is an easy way to stay informed and entertained. If you’re looking to get started, but are overwhelmed with options, we can help you out!


This live-taped podcasts takes place in Canada, so you know everyone’s super nice. People get up and read their childhood writing in front of a live audience. If you’ve ever read through old journals or school writing, you know how hilarious this can be. The drama and understanding of the world is always a nice eye-opener and often, a good life.


For true crime fans, this show is a must. Comedians Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff research interesting murders and present them to each other and Georgia’s cats. Though it might not always be the most accurate with information, it is absolutely hilarious and a chance to hear about murders that you didn’t already know about and maybe feel less weird about finding killers so interesting.


This is where I get my dose of politics for the week. I can only take so much politics before a loose my sanity, but this podcast is a quick update on what’s happened that week. The most helpful part is that, in a world that is so easy to surround yourself with people that think just like you, this show gives opinions of people from all across the political spectrum.


When you hear the name Malcolm Gladwell, a certain expectation goes along with it. An expectation of excellent and thought provoking work. This podcast serves up just that. A deep look at different topics ranging from the public school system in the United States to how satire is used today. Gladwell looks at his topic from a new perspective and offers a variety of interesting interviews. If you’re looking to challenge the way you think, this show is a must.


This podcast looks at the question “How are you?” and imagines what would happen if you answered honestly. Host Nora McInerny talks to survivors of awful circumstances and lets them tell their story. The moral of it all? Learning that it’s okay to not be okay. At a time where everyone is supposed to have a new shiny glow, it can be hard to feel like things are falling apart. But this show explains how that feeling is totally normal and gives you permission to feel terrible, and how to feel better.

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