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You Should Go and Love Yourself.


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and many of you may be thinking of all the different ways  you are going spoil your sweetie, but what about spoiling yourself a little more too?

Here are 5 simple ways to love yourself more-not only for Valentine’s Day, but all year round.

– Try Yoga:

Maybe finding your center wasn’t on your “to do” list, but being more connected to your center may be the push off point of loving yourself that much more. Not ready to practice Yoga outside the comfort of your home? That’s fine-Dana Falsetti  Plus Size Yogi offers both online classes on her website , and workshops in California. Dana  has an incredible story, and is the perfect example that yoga is for everybody.

My month-long series of yoga classes is on @codyapp! So many of you have asked me how I got to this point in my practice, and the answer is I committed to a daily practice. But it’s more than just practicing – it’s also about how you practice. Eventually I realized that yoga shapes repeat themselves over and over. When you warm up with cat/cow you’re mimicking crow, crow mimics plank and vice versa, plank is preparing your shoulders for headstand, etc. My Making Shapes plan breaks down intermediate postures to their foundational shapes so you can work towards them in your own practice, no matter what your body looks like and no matter how long you’ve been practicing. This plan is super important to me and it means so much to finally be able to share it with all of you! Follow the link in my bio to try the free preview! Many of you are already logging your classes on Cody and I love hearing what you think. I’m so grateful. Thank you!

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-Take a Million Selfies:

This may sound silly, but it can be oh so much fun! Turn up the tunes, and have yourself a mini photo shoot! This is a great way to embrace the skin you’re in!


The advice isn’t to spend far beyond your means,but a little retail therapy can be exactly what the Doctor ordered (The Love Doctor that is!)

My personal splurge pieces would be  the entire Sugar & Spice selections from Society Plus! 

If I absolutely had to choose items from this collection it would be the Ruby Romance Maxi for $49.99:


Or this Long Wrap Halter Top in Coral for $35.99:



Read something other than what your boss puts on your desk, or what comes up on your social media feed. Read what truly, and deeply interests you whether it be books, articles, or blog post. 10 or 15 mins a night is all it takes to expand your mind, and keep yourself sharp. 

Recent book released by one of my favorite bestselling author Roxane Gay is ‘Hunger’ A Memoir of (My) Body’. Available here:


-Decorate Your Surroundings in some Fabulous Art:

Liven up your surroundings with some new décor-Perhaps something  customized from NYC based artist Jonquelart: .You’ll be on your way to giving your space that added “Wow!” factor you may have not known  you needed.

Here’s to a year of loving yourself more! Let us know how you choose to love yourself more!


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