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3 Quick Reads to Get Your Fall Started Right

Leaves are changing, sweaters are becoming a day to day essential and your hair is MUCH more cooperative without all that humidity. Take a big sniff in because that crisp air and bonfire smell can only mean one thing, fall is here! Personally, fall is my favorite season. Boots, scarves and pumpkins? These are a few of my favorite things. Each time a season changes, I get this over whelming earge to  make the most of it. As the seasons change, it’s important to get your mind and life in the right place to make sure you make the most of it…and to make sure you don’t fly off the deep end at all the holiday family affairs. We’ve all been there, no judgment. So to start your season off right and make sure you stay positive throughout, we have a few quick reads for you.

  1. Seven Small Changes to Make This Week- Fran Hayden

Change your routine with the changing leaves. There’s nothing like taking baby steps to help you live in a better mental space. In this article, Fran pushes you to try something new each day of the week. From taking a step back from social media, to making the time to organize your frantic life, she guides you through simple changes that will get your fall off to the proper start. A must read for anyone looking to make this season there’s for the taking!

    2. Eight Things to Tell Yourself on a Low Body Image Day – Gracie Francesca 

Now even I, Fall’s Number One Fan, can admit that there are some downsides to the season. When you first start to wear sweaters, it’s so cozy and a welcome change from the intense heat of the past few months. But, after a little while, sweaters can start to feel like sacks and the cloudy skies can stop being mystical and start feeling really gloomy. It’s around this time that I find myself slipping into self-deprecating thoughts and the couch starts to feel like the only safe place for me. On days like this, look to this blog post. Gracie Francesca is know as the “Internet’s Big Sister” for a reason. With her wit, sincerity and way of telling it like it is, this article is the loving kick in the butt you need when the autumn overcast starts to get you down.

3. Autumn Essentials- Charleigh Rose

Since you’ve read the two prevouse articles, your head is in the right place to get your fall on. Charleigh Rose is all about fall and has your top list of things to take advantage of this season and why. The fashion, the makeup, the drinks. This short write up is sure to get you pumped for all things fall, ya’ll.



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