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6 Must-Haves in Wearable Tech

Wearable technology has taken huge steps over the last couple of years. From tracking our calories to our stress levels, wearables for chronic illnesses and even ones showing what is going on in our head — these days, it seems that owning high end technology is essential, and in many cases, affordable.

Not only that, but wearable technology has also improved aesthetically. We are seeing fashion game changers willing to wear technology because it looks more chic than geek. This is mostly thanks to fashion houses who have perceived the future of fashion, and sought to create tech designs that people would be ager to wear.

What are some of the fashion-forward tech pieces that you have to get your hands on right now? Well, you can’t go wrong with these top ten coveted looks.

Smart watches

Tech companies have been working on this one for a while now, but it was only when fashion houses came in and collaborated on the design of these smart watches that this accessory became not only a super functional piece, showing wearers everything from phone notifications to physical activity, but it has also become an aesthetically striking accessory that is sought after by many.


Smart bracelets

Rich looking and utterly chic, smart bracelets have hit the market and they are making it easy to check your notifications without having to look at your smartphone, even if you have left your phone at home. From yellow gold numbers to rose and white gold, tech bracelets have taken a huge leap design wise.

Smart rings

If you are more of a ring person, than a bracelet kind of girl, then a smart ring which syncs to your phone and alerts you of any notifications is another way of having to spend less time on your phone. Not only that, but some of these smart rings change color, according to your outfit, making it super easy for you to wear this tech piece on an everyday basis.


Fitness trackers


If you know anything about wearable technology, you probably know about fitness bands. They are designed to show you your daily physical activity, they tell you exactly how many calories you are burning throughout the day and they sync to your smartphone and PC so you can track everything on a calorie counter app if you want to.


Swimming wearables

Designed for pro swimmers, swimming wearables, such as waterproof watches, bands and trackers which can be worn on the wrist or the back of the swimmer’s head, help to “minimize drag and measure a broader set of bio-mechanics,” among other things, to increase performance. From AquaPulse which is an “IR sensor that clips onto your earlobe where it can read your heart rate through capillary blood flow,” to Instabeat, which comes in the shape of goggles and “takes its pulse queues from your temple arteries and displays the information at your right eye as one of three colored lights,” tracking data while swimming has been taken to another level.

Smart necklaces

Hitting the market very recently, smart necklaces designed for women are helping to track things like sleep, steps and menstrual cycles. Even more than that, smart necklaces are measuring stress levels to help women lead healthier lives and avoid serious risks like a stroke or a heart attack.

Smart insoles

While insoles for runners are giving pro athletes an insight into their exercise performance, now you can invest in smart insoles that will help improve your mobility. These smart insoles are teaching the wearers how to maintain or regain “their mobility and balance when standing or walking. In the healthy state, our senses of vision and touch combined with the inner ear are balanced. Muscle strength is used to maintain posture and stability for walking and standing.” Through a gentle vibration, these smart insoles are nudging the wearer towards better stability.

Smart pet collars

This one’s not for you, but for your dog a smart pet collar could be beneficial so you can detect his movements and activity. Smart pet collars will help you keep your pet well-fed and active. You can treat it as an invisible leash and you will always know where your pet is, so he is never lost.

What’s your take on wearable technology? Are you in on the trend yet? Share your thoughts below!



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