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7 Pro Makeup Tips for EVERY Woman

1. browiz-pencilFill in your brows, girl. – Like really. Brows frame your eyes and in-turn; your entire face. You are a grown up now- we aren’t throwing posters up on the wall with thumbtacks any more, we frame and matte that ish! Think of your eyebrows in the same way- polished, sophisticated and effortlessly chic is the name of that game. (Try Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz- it’s a mechanical pencil that is so fine you can draw in small brush strokes that mimic your natural hair).

2. Always wear mascara- I am not sure who started the trend of eyeliner with no mascara, but it’s not ok. Mascara will make you look more awake and glamorous in one hot second, and forgetting it is a recipe for disaster. You are better off ONLY using mascara, rather than only eyeliner.  Who doesn’t want fuller, thicker, more luscious lashes?!? (I love L’Oreal Voluminous from the drugstore, or Benefit ‘They’re Real’ at a higher price point). Use an eyelash curler first if you REALLY want to open your eyes up even more!

3. 2258539Use a matte color in your crease- No shimmers need apply. The whole point of carving out your crease is to create shadow and depth. Anything with shimmer in it will reflect light and basically defeat the purpose. Don’t have a matte shadow on hand? Try a matte bronzer- it ties your look together and is generally flattering on most everyone! (I love TooFaced Chocolate Soliel Bronzer!).

4.sigma brushes Invest in good brushes- Let’s have another grown woman moment here…. You deserve good brushes. You work hard girlfriend, and you earned those freaking brushes. When people tell me they struggle with makeup application at home, 90% of the time they are using whatever little brush came in a set, or heaven forbid the god-awful sponge tips. No. Just no. Good brushes last YEARS and do most of the work for you. It’s truly a WIN-WIN! (Try I use these in my kit and personally- they stand up to a ton of use and constant washing without coming apart…. Plus the price point is ON point.)

5. Now that you invested in good brushes- WASH & CARE FOR THEM!- You have to clean your brushes if you want them to last and perform as their manufacturer intended. If you are using a cream or a powder on a brush and it has started to clump up the brush hairs… Please RUN to your sink (yes run….) and mix up 1/3 olive oil, 2/3rds antibacterial dish soap and give those puppies a good cleanse! Always point the bristles straight down so that water doesn’t get inside the handle, and then lay them on a towel to air-dry overnight. You will thank me, I promise.

6. Use a translucent powder to set your malaura_mercier_setting_powder_loose_114-translucentkeup- Most people don’t realize that when you put foundation on, and then apply a full-blown powder foundation you are layering too much makeup on your skin. It’ll look powdery, overly made up and sometimes muddy (not the goal, am I right??). Even out your skin tone and hide imperfections with your liquid foundation and then just set everything with a translucent to keep it in place and wearing all day long! (I love Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Powder, or MAC pressed Translucent!).

7. Take care of your skin dammit!- Your makeup will look 1000x better if you taMICRO_DERM_ULTRA_REFINING_SCRUBke care of your skin underneath it all. Makeup is the fun stuff- skincare is the important stuff! This includes regularly exfoliating your skin- if you have built up dead skin cells, nothing you put on top can truly perform at it’s best. Between manual and chemical options, it’s so easy to stay on top of this step at home. After you are done getting that skin nice and new with your scrub, ALWAYS moisturize. I don’t care if you think you are too oily to moisturize… You aren’t. And you are probably overproducing oil because your poor skin has been neglected so it is trying to hydrate itself! Using skincare regularly keeps our skin healthy, fresh, and free of fine lines and wrinkles longer- plus it just makes that makeup look GORGEOUS hunny. (Look into Epicuren skincare… Honestly my favorite skincare brand of life. Something for everybody- especially that Microderm scrub!).

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