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7 Reasons Why Smart Glamour Should Be One Of Your Go-To Brands

Smart Glamour is known for being a body positive clothing line made up of customizable fashion basics for individuals ranging from sizes XXS-6X and beyond. Smart Glamour is much more than clothes and today Skorchies  we have broken down the top 7 reasons why Smart Glamour should be one of your go-to brands. 


1-Smart Glamour is Run by a Real Life Girl Boss!

Owner Mallorie Dunn fills literally every role: designer, social media correspondent, PR director, customer service, product development, errand runner, event planner, and the list goes on. Mallorie Dunn is the true definition of Girl Boss (and in my opinion Feminist Shero!)


2-Ethics Baby!

Personally, I think that the reason we continue to stray from fast-fashion stores is because we are not exposed to how this clothing is being made and what types of chemicals are in the fabrics we wear. I invite you to consider the waste and pollution major clothing corporations make, and the conditions that many of the employees work in. Smart Glamour has for a long time described themselves as Customizable. Ethical. Affordable.

I know those are 3 things I want when I’m shopping!


3-Made in the USA.

While international business is important for the global economy, the fact that Smart Glamours products are produced right in NYC makes me want to cheer. Many good ol’ “made in the USA” tags are gone, and replaced with countries names that I know I can’t pronounce. When I see that Smart Glamour tag I get a special pride knowing it was made in my home.


4-Smart Glamours Models used are your Mom, Sister, Friends, and Cousin.

One of the elements of Smart Glamour that has received the most praise is the models used in all the promo and editorial campaigns as well as the fashion shows. The individuals used in these campaigns come from around the globe, from all over the size chart, and all shine when they are in their Smart Glamour ensembles. It is a point designer Mallorie Dunn makes “Fit for everybody” “Fashion for all” and it rings true in everything Smart Glamour does.


 5 -It’s Made for YOU!

Smart Glamour is totally customizable- how cool is that? There is a selection of designed items, but you have the ability to work with Dunn to make the pieces to best fit your body, and cater to your specific needs. Where else can you get that expertise at such an affordable price?


6- Innovative Style for the Everyday Woman!

Many of the ensembles I have seen come down Smart Glamour’s runway are items I felt I was seeing with fresh eyes. While I think a lot of this is due to Dunns design taste, I also think it is because I can finally imagine what these items would look like on me, a plus size woman, without straining my imagination!


7- Smart Glamour is F***in’ Feminist Y’all!

Smart Glamour is a feminist heaven where you can literally get your bomber jacket embellished to say so! (You can have it embellished to say whatever you want!) Run by a total bad ass, showcasing amazing everyday styles, and embracing everything you are!


Smart Glamour is one of if not the best brands out there to support, and I invite you all to take a look:

 Smart Glamour is many things but to best sum up this brand would be to call it a power house. 




 Photo Credit: Mallorie Dunn,Emerson Chen 

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