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A Guide For the GIRLS!!!


I get so many messages on a daily basis about what I’m wearing underneath my clothes to keep my girls in place. Soooo here are my favorite bra’s & some tricks to keep your girls up, your nips hidden and in place…

  1. BREAST SHAPERS—The most insane product I have ever found for when I’m not in the mood to wear a bra and need to keep my nips from showing through the garment. They are reusable thin silicone patches that adhere to your breast, they don’t go anywhere when they go on. I wear them with everything, and they work so so well. A MUST HAVE!!!
  2. SCOTCH 3M DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE—Yes, I use tape and yes it’s the same one you use to wrap gifts. This tape is beyonddddd. It will hold just about any fabric to your skin for hours at a time. After your skin has dried completely from applying lotion and you are about to leave, you can apply this tape. Place a 1-2′ strip of tape anywhere on my breasts or chest to keep a garment in place. Once applied to my skin, place the garment on top and use your nail on top of the fabric to seal it in. Note: If you plan a dancing your booty off, take it with you in your purse, reapply every 3-4 hours to avoid accidents.
  3. BRA STRAP SOLUTIONS—Why not hide your bra strap and turn any bra into a razor back? It’s a genius idea, I wish I would of invented it myself. I used to cut hair ties and tie them into a knot to do the same thing many years ago, and when I found this I was so mad. This could have been my invention. Anyways A MUST MUST HAVE!
  4. THE RED CARPET STRAPLESS by Wacoal—What would I do without this bra? It honestly is my go to with any strapless attire. It’s beyond amazing. You can convert this bra into a halter, crisscross, one-shoulder, it’s the bra that keeps on giving! And the mamas stay in place with the silicon edging. It’s the perfect EVERYTHING bra!
  5. THE BRALETTE by Ashley Stewart—Have you even worn a bralette? They are fantastic! It’s trendy, comfy, you can stylish with just about everything, and ,to be honest, it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing a bra when you have you on. I have so many of these it’s ridiculous at this point. Buy them in every color!
  6. THE SPORTS BRA by Champion—When I’m working out I need these girls to be controlled and completely compressed to my body. Can’t be having these things flying everywhere. I have so many sports bra’s but this guy right here allows me to run, work the ropes & do prowlers without having to put them back into place.

I could go on for days about the different bra’s I own but these are my favorites at the moment. Hope these tricks will help you do what they have done for me years.

XOXO Luvies

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