Chat With @BellaStyles: “Does The Word Full-Figured Offend You?”

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By now we’ve all heard about the interview that went left-field  between an Australian reporter and actress Christina Hendricks. While Christina is known for her curvy figure and ample breast, she DOES NOT want to be referred to as “full-figured”. I read somewhere that she is a size 12/14 and in the fashion world, that IS considered full-figured or plus-size.  Even though rightfully so, she may not be a size 18 or greater, but what’s so wrong with the word “full-figured”? It’s much better than being called “big” or “fat”. Hollywood has brainwashed women to hide behind their curves. This isn’t my first time hearing this too. Allegedly, a famous neo-soul singer who is on the plus-side didn’t want to be associated with the word full-figured either. Producers were afraid of her “image” being tarnished.

I take honor in attending events such as “Full Figured Fashion Week” each year in New York and most recently “Curves Rock Fashion Weekend” in Baltimore. I feel that during that week us voluptuous women are given a chance to celebrate our curves. Society has set us up to believe that we aren’t good enough but that outlook is slowly but surely changing. Although we have plus-positive response from some, there are still always the critics somewhere to be found. Take for instance recently when at a fashion show during Toronto Fashion Week, some attendees were outright disrespecting and laughing at the plus-size models who graced the runway. I saw the pics of these models too and they were on the smaller side of plus so how in the world could they be laughed at? What people fail to realize is that often times certain clothing can look better on a full-figured or curvier woman. Now I will be honest, I’ve been to MANY plus-size fashion shows and no, certain models shouldn’t be allowed down the runway without proper undergarments on, but these models in Toronto were very  well toned, proportionate and the clothing appeared smooth on them.  So what’s your take? Are you offended by the phrase “full-figured?” Let me know your thoughts. Comment below or Tweet me at @bellastyles @skorchmagazine , comment on or send an email to

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