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There is a section of our society that has a hard time embracing the idea that curvy girls wear what they want to wear. Society put this fear in curvy girls about wearing some trends, like horizontal stripes or wearing white…people want to tell us to hide our curves but I say otherwise…

“Curvy girls can’t wear bright colors!” “Curvy girls can’t wear short dresses!” “Curvy girls can’t wear all white!” To me these rules have always seemed cruel, but I lived by them most of my life…Until I decided to listen to my own voice instead of listening to others.



I always stood by the idea that STYLE TRULY HAS NO SIZE and that’s how NoteBlair was born. To encourage each and every person, regardless of their size & shape, to wear whatever they want and feel great in it. We all have the right to wear anything we want & not be scared of how society will judge us based on what we are wearing.

White on white…one of my favorite looks that, growing up, I was told I can’t wear it because it will make me look bigger…No one gets to tell you what you can or cannot wear. I made the mistake of listening to the voices around me more than the voice in my head. Don’t make the same mistake as I did! You are gorgeous how you are & if you want to wear a certain item, wear it! No one will give you the confidence you need to have except you.
Summer is right around the corner and nothing says summer more than bright colors, especially white. I always get asked “As a curvy girl, can I wear white?” and the answer is always HELL YES…

I have a true love of white denim. As much as I love it, it’s not always easy to buy. White is a tricky color for any size and shape. The material should be perfect to hug the curves and not show your skin. White denim adds a special kind of feminine and elegant look to each style. You can dress it up or dress it down. You will still look put together & chic.
When shopping for white denim, I always recommend you make sure the size is right. If it’s too tight it will show the bumps on your skin and if it is lose it won’t hug your curves perfectly.

Another important shopping tip will be the fabric. I always say spend a little bit more money on white denim. They’re right when they say you get what you paid for in this case. So it’s better if you splurge on getting a white denim and make sure you get a high quality denim that will last you a long time as well.


Few of my favorite white denims brands are:

INC International Concepts Boyfriend Jeans
GOOD AMERICAN Good Legs High Rise Ripped Skinny Jeans
Levi’s® Boyfriend Jeans

If there is one piece of advice you get from reading this article let it be
“Never let anyone decide for you what you should feel pretty in.”


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