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Get Into the Sequin Spirit


Sequins have been ebbing and flowing in and out of style for decades. I remember sequins being huge my senior year of high school, and I was LIVING for them. I had the Poppy Pink Sequin Spotlight Coach bag, and I sported a sequin bomber jacket, a sequin tank top, and sequin converse. So yeah, when I was 18, I was walking around looking like a freaking disco ball. Ahh, look how far we have come. But maybe we haven’t, since I am wearing a cardigan made completely out of sequins. LOL.

Because I am obsessed with sequins, yet again, I have included some of my FAVORITE sequin looks of all time below! But first, let’s chat about the rainbow sequin cardigan I’m wearing in my most recent OOTD post on The Rainbow Sequin Cardigan is from the Chicago-based boutique Inavie. It only runs up to a size large, but it fits me perfectly even though I usually wear a 2XL. I paired the cardigan with a latex-leather skirt, black tank top, and wedge sneakers. Because the cardigan does most of the talking, I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple.

And without further ado, here are my all-time favorite sequin looks from the past couple of years!

Eloquii’s off-the-shoulder sequin dress
This gorgeous dress is from Eloquii, and while it is a whole lot of sequins for one garment, it is a stunner. The dress fits so well and flatters my curves. It also has bell sleeves, which I am a huge fan of!

Sequin skirts from Express
I am not usually a huge fan of Express because they don’t carry plus sizes in their stores, but this skirt had me at hello. Luckily, plus size women can shop their size online, but good luck trying to find something that fits in-store.


Sequins meet the office with this blazer from Eloquii
Sure, my coworkers stare when I wear this sequin blazer into the office, but I feel so radiant when I am wearing it. Plus, the sequins are muted so they are more subtle than the average sequin. 


Black sequins are just my style
I wear a lot of all-black ensembles, but when I added a black sequin tank to into the mix, it gave my monochromatic outfit a fresh look. This tank top is from Fashion to Figure!


Sequin bomber + graphic tee = true love
How chic is this Guess sequin bomber? I bought this bomber during my sequin phase in high school, and without fail, I have been able to rock it a couple of times each and every year.


So how are you planning on rocking sequins this season?

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  • 山高路远,好人平安!

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