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I will no longer stand in fear of what the world wants me to be. I pull up my size twenty jeans and throw on my two-x t-shirt with so much glide and pride. Being afraid to love who you are without being judged for it is one of the biggest challenges for so many people. WHY? Well, it’s because so many people think what is on the televisions and magazines is power. They believe that what these celebrities look like is power. That is NOT power, that’s entertainment. Power is not letting what anyone says about you affect you.  Power is having the ability to take the negatives and still be ten times more positive. Power is being unapologetically  happy with who you are. Power is knowing who you are and not changing that for anyone. We live in a world where when you do find that peace of sanity of yourself worth, people want to discredit you, put you down and take away your self- esteem as if you aren’t a human with feelings.  You never give them the upper hand. You live for you, you do things for you, and you build you for you. You are your foundation. When you have a better understanding of who you are, You can allow

We live in a world where finding peace within yourself is met with critiques and judgment as if you don’t have feelings. The trick is to never let those people get the upper hand. You live for you, you do things for you, and you build you for you. You are your foundation. When you have a better understanding of who you are, you are able to grow into who you want to be.  Never build your foundation on other people. That is how you stand on your own two feet. When someone else is laying your foundation for you, you give them the opportunity to completely knock you over whenever they please.  But if you for yourself, you make the rules, what you say goes and you run you. You are so powerful with your intelligence, your personality, your fight, and your story. Don’t be afraid to share it with the world and be fearless. People are going to talk about you all your life and try to tell you who you are, give them something to talk about. Be you, love being you and tell the world, which is why I live by #HEYGIRLNOSHAME. #HEYGIRLNOSHAME in WHO I AM. This is power. I challenge you to embrace your power with #HEYGIRLNOSHAME on your photos, videos and stories and tag @_thekingky or send them to for a chance to be featured!

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