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How To Be a Goal Digger in 2016!


Junior Editor Terr Cacilia here to make sure you get absolutely everything you can from 2016! Although the year may already be in full swing! (Complete with painful celebrity deaths!) I have spent the last 3 weeks reflecting on 2015. I wanted to be absolutely certain about what I was looking to gain from this New Year since 365 days is A LOT to consider.Being a fan of both planning tools, and promoting female entrepreneurs I knew this would be an awesome opportunity to share with you all the ‘Goal Digger’ guide created by “Woman on a mission” Cat Polivoda.


You may have seen Cat across social media with her blog Cat Inspired, popular online thirft/ closet shopping web site Cats Closet,  seen her offer her services in the form of style sessions, life coaching through guides similar to Goal Digger via –email courses, and webinars. (She truly is a woman on a mission!)


The purchase of my ‘Goal Digger’ guide was the perfect planning tool for not only helping me setting my sights on what I wanted out of this year, but 5-10 years down the road.  ‘Goal Digger’ helps by first analyzing specifics about your current situation, people you admire, traits you think are important,  many mental exercises to help gain clarity about what your want to accomplish.  All these elements help to build the strong base that is necessary when setting goals. Personally I found planning by quarter (3 month increments) to be the most efficient way to prioritize how I would complete my own goals. 

Along with this awesome guide I was also lucky enough to get an hour long 1 on 1 session with Cat. I expressed to her that this year I’ve avoided setting unrealistic resolutions, and instead have adopted a mantra that I will be  following for the year

Face it, Create a New Truth, Own It!”

This mantra is something I can come back to all year long when faced with new trials, and tribulations of 2016!

Now although I may not be setting resolutions I am setting two goals, but these 2 goals had great importance to me for 2016 –First I wanted to focus on finding deeper peace within, something the last few years had taken away from me. –Next to expand my connections, and reach so that my message of positivity could reach more people. Once I had articulated what I wanted to do Cat reminded me of something very important

“Nothing is written in stone- two crucial things to remember when setting goals are that:

-Your goals are going to change (Maybe a little, or maybe a lot!) 

-You’re going to find a new ways everyday  to achieve these goals!”


Once Cat and I had discussed the areas of the guide that I had completed we then moved on to the sections I most struggled with. For me looking at the 5-10 year planning (specifically the next 10 years) is the most intimidating. Over the course of our chat Cat opened up some doors for me, and even had me walking through some of them! This experience was the solidifying factor I needed in taking 2016- and the future head on! One thing that Cat said that really hit it out of the park for me was this

“You will make plans, and they won’t work out- that’s life, but you will  still achieve!”

So many of us daily get caught up in what we “think” we should accomplish because we are continually comparing ourselves so heavily to the people/society around us.  Comparison can be crippling, and having the opportunity to take a hard look at ones self through a guide like ‘Goal Digger’ is a sure way to be put on the track to your  own personalized success!


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