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Is there such a thing as perfect blonde?

I’m going to date myself with this sentence. Back before cell phones and social media *gasp* I was no stranger to the box dye, nor did I shy away from a challenge or change. As I documented in a post in 2011, I can’t even count the colors I tortured my hair with trying to achieve the perfect blonde – which I NEVER found on my own.

After my son was born in 2008 however, I’ve entered boring Jessica land and honest to God I couldn’t look in the mirror and care about my makeup or hair anymore!!!!! GAHHH! As a creative person, my hair is part of the canvas and it’s like having a favorite coat you wear but for 6 STRAIGHT YEARS – who does that? Right? It was time to change it up and instead of going yellow again, as documented here, under my own thumb – I consulted the pro of Vancouver WA, Ashley Cheri at Cut Loose Salon.

I went in with my picture of Courtney Kerr and like most clients, pointed and said – give me that! She was so awesome and completely translated my wishes and while I didn’t end up with the blond I THOUGHT I wanted, what I realized is that I was in the hands of a pro who saw my skin tone/eye color/previous hair color/texture and adjusted as such to give me my perfect blonde.

This. This is the perfect blonde – FOR ME. That’s the trick. Find a stylist who is a pro and doesn’t do exactly what you say, but translates what you want to match your tones!

Makeup by makeup artist and Skorch Beauty Editor Meghan Hamilton! I felt like a BILLION dollars at my photoshoot yesterday and here are the pics to prove it.

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