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Is White Right?

In the real world, my career is makeup artist/fashion stylist.  I style men and women of all sizes.  One of my biggest challenges is getting people to step out of their comfort zone and to try new things.  For instance, how many of us have a friend or relative who wear black all the time? Or know that one person who loves to wear crazy Lula Roe prints? As a stylist, I’m here to steer you in a direction you would like your style to go by selecting your wardrobe items. When selecting white pieces for a client I hear “Oh I can’t wear white. It’s too hard to keep clean.” or “I have to put thought into what undergarments I’m going to wear.”  Which are both 100% valid. Then there’s the kicker reason, “I can’t wear white. It will make me look fat.”  This comment is usually followed by a self-induced face-palm.

White feels gentle and soft, yet strong and bold. Like our bold, ultra chic yang to our ying sister black, white has a strong, romantic, modern and ethereal feeling to it.    I love that you are able to wear white in the summer as well as the winter.

Just remember these few fashion styling tips for wearing white.:

  1. Don’t wear white undergarments under white clothing. Unless you want them to be seen.  Instead, opt for your version of nude color undergarments.
  2. Fun fact, red doesn’t show under white clothing. Something about our skin color and red cancel each other out under white clothing. When I am in a styling session, I always love to bring in a red bra  for my client to try on under a white top.  Granted, you cannot do this with a see-through white top. It needs to be a regular weight of fabric.
  3. In the end you should always wear what makes you feel confident, beautiful, strong, sexy.

I’m attaching a few of my favorite white summer looks that make me feel beautiful and confident.




These looks are provided by FashionNova. Use code XOJULIANA for 15% off.

This is from Pink Clubwear. They only carry plus size items. Their Instagram handle is @pinkclubwear.





Rebdolls provided these next two looks. A white tube dress, and a white fitted midi pencil skirt.


I’m very much a solid, no prints type of girl. But feel free to rock your white outfit your own way.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @julzielu




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