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Meet The Curvy Rebel

Hey Rebels!

I want to take a moment to introduce myself. My Name is Jenna, and I go by The Curvy Rebel. I am a plus size model turned social media influencer, a newly discovered entrepreneur, and now officially … a blogger. When SKORCH approached me about participating in a blog series I was skeptical at first, I’ve never blogged about anything … what do I even write about?! *cue instant panic attack*, but it didn’t take me long to realize that I did in fact have a voice. 1

I have had quite the experience in the plus modeling industry. Being a more alternative model, I have a kick butt following on all social media outlets #ilovemyrebels, I have a strong voice on body positivity, an edgy flair for fashion, confidence that could literally knock your socks off, and sometimes I can be funny, like really funny. But beyond all of this, I am just Jenna and I am so unbelievably excited to FINALLY  have a platform where I can share my voice with all of you fellow rebels out there.2

SO … before I dive head first into the blogging world, I want to give you all a little backstory… a little Rebel history.  I imagine my story is very similar to most plus models out there. I grew up thinking the worst of myself, that there was something wrong with me as my body was clearly different. I was constantly bullied for my tall height and thicker exterior, and after many failed attempts of trying to substitute “love” for confidence, I  realized the love I was searching for could only be found within myself.

At age 20, I began my self love journey. A few years into my journey a dream evolved and I decided I wanted to inspire others. This is when I decided to take the plunge and put my heart and soul into becoming a plus sized model. Next thing I knew I was quitting my day job and moving to the Big Apple. Being a small town girl originally from  Pennsylvania, I definitely had my fair share of “WTH am I doing here?!” moments. I was thrown into an industry where I had no idea who was who or even HOW to get started, but I did know it was something I was extremely passionate about and that was worth everything. I kept my head held high no matter how many times I was told no. Sometimes designers would see my 5’11” frame with tattoos all up and down my arms and send me right back out the door. This rejection had me covering my edgy flair and becoming something completely different, eventually leading to an identity crisis.3

2 years in I was at my breaking point. I had to make a decision, to quit modeling or to go against the norm and become authentic. I’m so beyond happy to tell you this is the part of the story where The Curvy Rebel was born. She took over my social media … she became my brand. My numbers started increasing, people started recognizing me, and the brands that were telling me to leave the castings were now reaching out to ME to be an  ambassador for their clothing company. Then the craziest thing happened… I landed a spot walking the runway during NYFW as a full size 18 with visible tattoos.

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Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Through The Curvy Rebel I preach the importance of loving ones own self authentically. She’s not afraid of breaking the rules if it means knocking through barriers and she wants all of her fellow Rebels along for the ride. It is my dream to create a safe space for anyone who has ever felt ostracized for being different whether it be from your height, or your weight, or your skin color, or sexual orientation or it could be from the fact that you just like to wear TuTu’s and you just so happen to be a man. I don’t care what it is… you’re beautiful… and if society says you aren’t, well then its time to fight back.

So what do you say…

Are you ready to Join the Rebellion?

xo-Jenna @thecurvyrebel


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