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Outfit: @Pinkclubwear

Outfit: @Pinkclubwear Photographer: @Endlessuploads

Am I the only one that’s really been into patterns/sets lately? I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I love BOLD prints that match from head to toe.

Statement pieces are my thing. Any set with a crop top and any type of bottoms (preferably pants) that I can just throw a jacket over, were truly made for me. Whether I’m hitting the stage, or walking over to the grocery store, something about these sets makes me feel like a million bucks. It’s like I’m trying without having to try, and I’m SOOO here for it!

Outfit: @Fashionnovacurve Use code "VANESSALU" for 15% Off!

Outfit: @Fashionnovacurve Use code “VANESSALU” for 15% Off!  Photographer: @Likelesley


Camo Set

Guys, I’ve never been a camouflage type of girl. Casual was never my thing. But lately, I’ve been living for it. Look at this 2 piece outfit I’m wearing from @Fashionnovacurve I was originally hesitant to get it, but in the end I fell in love with it. It made me feel like the coolest girl in the room. I looked like the girl  who wasn’t trying too hard. This outfit just looks effortless on me but honestly,  it took me time to accessorize it properly I.e the bag, shoes, chocker, men’s blouse, but shhhh no one has to know that.

Outfit: @Pinkclubwear

Outfit: @Pinkclubwear Photographer: @Endlessuploads

Geometric 3 Piece

Now look at this Matching Geometric 3 piece set. Are you living yet? I’m ALIVE cause it’s actually everything. Who said big girls can’t wear patterns with stripes again? I wasn’t lying when I said these were meant for me, they’re meant for US, and they’ll showcase our curves but also give us some mystery and that’s pretty much all a girl needs. This set is from @Pinkclubwear and it might just be my favorite piece in my closet right now… I just HAD to perform in it, how could I pass this up? The Diva in me really could not resist!


Outfit: @Dearloverbycashe Use Code "CURVESWELCOME" for 20% Off!

Outfit: @Dearloverbycashe Use Code “CURVESWELCOME” for 20% Off! Photographer: @Likelesley

Miami Nights Set

Lastly, I was sooo crazy about this Miami Nights Set because not only was it a 3 piece set with a pattern, but it was colourful. I became a new woman in it, and you will too if you just head over to @Dearloversbycashe and get you one. I discovered a new layer of myself in this look. The super hero in me mixed with the pretty woman that’s always been there (Sorry Julia). This Vanessa came out to play, and sometimes you just have to let her out.

You heard it from me ladies, patterns that come in sets are SO in, and so beautiful. They will compliment your curves in a way that makes you feel super sexy, as well as look very sexy all while being secure. The best thing about these is that they were amazing this summer, and yet still a trend that carrying on into fall but please DO NOT over accessorize, let the outfit do the talking because it has the potential of looking crazy real fast. If you can promise me you’ll keep it simple, and rock the hell out of it, then this trend is for You!

So try something new, and send me photos :)

Can’t wait to see you guys rocking these 3 piece sets,

XoXo, Vanessa Lu

Instagram: @VanessaLuMusic

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