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New Year

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Another issue is here!  We are so excited about the magazines we have been putting out there and it is all because of you our readers.  As we build up momentum, our quality and direction gets better and better!

Our photographer spotlight features the amazing Nichole Alex.  She produces such great photo shoots and gives us the wow factor every time.

Speaking of Wow factor…did you love the lookbook for Cult of Cali’s new collection? How great are those pictures? Nichole and the team at California produced an amazing collaboration.

How do you like seeing the super beautiful Lorna Litz on our cover? Again, Nichole and Lorna took our breath away with this partnership.

I am so excited to release our top Skorch girl crushes! Featuring the first ever Gorgeous Drag Queen Delta Work and many of our other favorites.  Our list really sums up that beauty has no size and no boundaries!!!

I hope you love the magazine!