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Hey Lovelies!

Our fabulous acceptance issue is now live.  I am so excited about this issue.  Skorch Magazine is the first plus size fashion magazine to feature a drag queen on our cover.  Why? Because Ms. Delta Work is fabulous that’s why!! We believe at Skorch that beauty has no boundaries.  We believe in total ACCEPTANCE, and that is why this is our theme for this issue.

As a fat girl, dealing with acceptance issues is a daily struggle.  I know personally, I look in the mirror and have a hard time accepting myself.  Then you factor mean judgemental stares and basically people assuming they know everything about your health and lifestyle by looking at you. I know how harshly society treats overweight women.  Couple that with being gay, trans, drag, too tall, too fat, too skinny to be considered “plus” and it is a never ending losing battle.  Especially in the plus size community.  Quite often I see other women demeaning and putting down other women.  It is not accepting and it is not loving.  So, I decided to make some change! Throw out the rule book and make this issue dedicated to the ACCEPTANCE of all.

Skorch Magazine has no beauty norm or standard, we can find it in anyone or anything. Every single one of us has struggles and insecurities.  Join us in taking those insecurities and giving them the big MIDDLE finger.  Let’s say eff you for not accepting me, eff you for not loving me, eff you for judging me because I LOVE and ACCEPT myself.

Please, read this issue and be inspired to love and accept one another.


Tiffany Kaelin Knight, Editor in Chief

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Skorch was the first fully digital magazine featuring plus size fashion and continues to lead the industry as a resource of plus size fashion for women around the world. All bodies are real bodies.

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