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Plus Size Babes Take Portland!


“I have never in my life been in a room entirely taken up by fat bodies -there was no shame. Just a bunch of girls let loose with mimosas with clothes to try on!” -Margot Meanie



When bopo bloggers/ founders of the hashtag #alternativecurves Kobi Jae, and Margot Meanie announced that they would be in Portland Oregon-one of Americas hottest cities for Plus Size Fashion it planted the seed that would grow to be  the PDX Indie Plus Event. This event was put together by Designer and Owner of Chubby Cartwheels Shawna, but this PDX event wasn’t the only magic happening that weekend as Kobi, and Margot also stepped in front of the camera as the latest models for Chubby Cartwheels!

Obviously when someone I love in the plus size fashion and body positivity community visits Portland I want to not only hang with them, but I want to do a photo shoot of them in my clothing!”-Shawna


“It was such an honor to collaborate with and wear the garments of a designer (and human) that I so greatly admire. Shawna is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever encountered, and her contribution to the plus size community (both locally and globally) is immeasurable.” –Kobi Jae



“Collaborations, like that of #alternativecurves with Kobi, or working with plus models like Katana Fatale, or working with indie designers like Shawna of Chubby Cartwheels are integral to everything I want to be doing and working towards.” -Margot Meanie 



After the morning photo shoot the studio space used f transformed in to a PDX Indie Plus fashion showcase space-

We drank champagne, ate cupcakes, and took photos. The main goal was to showcase the awesome style diversity we have in Portland (for local fashion). The designers in attendance were Copper Union, Size Queen, Hello Amelia and Chubby Cartwheels. Clair Vintage Inspired was supposed to come, but was unable to make it -her stuff is really fabulous too!”  -Shawna



Some of the many trailblazer in attendance included Katana Fatale (plus model), Rachele Cateyes (fat activist and illustrator), Rachelle Abellar (curator of the ‘Little Book of Big Babes’), Suma Jane Dark (photographer), Beth Olson (photographer) and Alexa Raegun (plus model). Designers were Chubby Cartwheels, Copper Union, Size Queen, and Amelia.

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I asked Shawna, Kobi, and Margot to tell me in their own words how collaborations like this photo shoot, and PDX event are important to the future of the plus industry this is what they had to say-

“I just feel like community is so key and sometimes we can get side tracked with petty issues instead of focusing on so many positive things we have going for us, how far we have come, and all the amazing stuff we still have ahead of us. (With events like this) Brands big and small realize collaborating with bloggers , and social media heavy hitters (pun intended) is just one of the best ways to promote the products. The customer wants to see themselves in these clothes and bloggers/social media stars are seen as someone you can relate to, and have access to via social media.”-Shawna

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Never in my life have I experienced an environment where a group of plus size women (or women in general) were so supportive/encouraging of each other’s bodies, and experimentations with fashion, and style. The room was electrically charged with an abundance of compliments, smiles, laughter, selfies, mimosas and cupcakes. It was so incredibly heartwarming to see this kind of sisterhood-as well as fatshion bringing women together in the spirit of sharing, and just generally feeling great amongst like-minded babes!” –Kobi Jae


“These collaborations are creating sanctuary for all of us that don’t fit in- It’s creating safe spaces to encourage growth, exploration and learning…Everyone was so positive, full of praise for each other, and for the designers. This event makes me want to help Shawna expand on this idea, and open it up to even more people. Something I really want to work towards is organizing a rad fat babe weekend getaway retreat. Kind of like a con for alternative plus size girls. Something that people could make plans to attend and have workshops, clothing swaps, hangouts and designer showcases.”-Margot Meanie



Can we make “Rad Fat Babe Weekend Getaway” a thing-like yesterday?

“I was so inspired by this community and my time in Portland in general. Fat fashion was the primary reason Margot and I decided to meet in that area, but the strong undertone of body positivity and sisterhood was undeniable, and made for an even more incredible experience that I will definitely keep with me until the wonderful day that I am able to return!”- Kobi Jae

Special Thanks to

Shawna, Kobi Jae, and Margot Meanie for their feedback on the PDX event

Photo Credit: Chubby Cartwheels, Beth Olson.



  • One day when I can franchise my Curvy Girl Lingerie boutique, I really feel like PDX will be the city. So much fattyawesomeness.

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