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SKORCH Spotlight: xBrittney89


Terr Cacilia here with an interview that I have been chomping at the bit to share with you all!I have been watching Brittney, or as she is known on YouTube xBrittney89 for a while now. I have always been moved by Brittney’s body positive message, and  the honest content that she produces on her channel. Brittney even recently posted a video coming out! (CONGRATS!)

Watch that video here: http://

Always willing to share Brittney was kind enough to answer a few questions for SKORCH as the most recent SKORCH Spotlight!


Brittney  recently hung out at Society+ headquarters with our very own Jessica Kane!



Brittney also modeled a piece from the recent Fat Beats collection from Chubby Cartwheels! 



-What advice would you offer to someone who is trying to live a more body positive lifestyle?

The best advice I can give somebody is to know that your physical appearance does not define your worthiness. Even if you want to change or modify your body, you can still choose self-love through that process.  Your body is here for you.  It shows up every day – for you. Remember that every single body has imperfections and most people have insecurities no matter how confident they may seem or how much their body is “society-approved.”  Your life is valuable during every step of your journey.  Stay positive and keep your head up, otherwise your crown will fall.  And you’re too royal for that.


-Who has inspired you to live a body positive lifestyle?

I keep inspiration buzzing around me by surrounding myself with incredible individuals.  The support system of close friends I have who endlessly encourage me to be true to who I am and live unapologetically inspire me every day.  My YouTube fam, who has watched me grow and self-discover, is also a huge source of inspiration for me when it comes to body positivity.  Those that back me relentlessly push me to reach my dreams and give me a platform of inspiration to build off from.  And for that I am eternally grateful.



-How do you think you have expanded the conversation for being LGBTQ in the plus size community?

Identifying as LGBTQ+ in the plus-size community has opened another gate for me when it comes to conversation and representation.  There are always curiosities/questions/concerns about dating, especially when you’re fat. I have been an open-book when it comes to discussing dating men in the past, and now that I am out I can hold true to that when discussing dating women. I can share my journey through navigating my sexuality in hopes of helping somebody else out there trying to figure things out.  At the end of the day the core inside of me wants to help and inspire others to live with confidence.  That’s all I hope to continue to do as a fat, gay girl.


-Why do you suppose the industry is still slow to recognizing what the plus size industry is asking for?

I want more choices in clothing as well as more variation in prices (affordable as well as boutique).  Self-expression is a key component to confidence and it is hard to fully feel yourself if you can’t dress the way you envision – that becomes doubly frustrating when the items are available but the prices aren’t reasonable. Hopefully more retailers will incorporate bigger sizes into their stores sooner rather than later because certain types of clothing shouldn’t be a seeming privilege for only thinner people to wear (like bikinis/crop tops/ short shorts/ etc). I don’t think the fashion industry quite understands that fat women want to rock the types of clothes that society may deem to be unflattering on big bodies.  Honestly fuck the entire concept of flattering. That’s just a term used to cage us into boxes and impose limitations.  Wear what you want to wear, whether it’s “flattering” for your body type or not.

Fuck Flattering YouTube Video:



-Where do you see your youtube taking you in the next year?

YouTube has been an incredible journey for me when it comes to self-discovery.  I am certain that will only continue in the next year as I proceed to grow and learn about myself in front of the entire interwebs.  I look forward to the enlightening people I will meet over the course of the next year.  That’s one wonderful thing about YouTube because it brings strangers together so effortlessly.  I can only hope it will continue to offer me unique opportunities and learning experiences to keep me well-rounded on my journey through life.  I am also quite excited to discuss the book I’m publishing on there when it gets closer to the release date!



-What are your top 3 places to shop?

Honestly, I’m currently pushing myself to expand my horizons with shopping and explore new stores.  Torrid has always been a go-to because I can usually find a location to peruse and try items on in, and I never have a problem finding items in my size.  Unfortunately, the majority of plus-size retailers are based online, so I’m still exploring new sites. has been a hot go-to for me for a couple of years now.  I love the individuality in those pieces! is cool, but pricy.  Forever 21 is hit or miss, considering their sizing is on the smaller end of plus-size measurements but their prices are much more affordable. 


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