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Stepping Out in Sydney’s Closet

Hey Rebels!

Happy September! Fall is right around the corner. I hope everyone is getting ready for sweaters, boots, maroon lipstick and, my personal favorite, pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING.

For this blog post, I had the pleasure of working exclusively with Sydney’s Closet! I’m super excited to announce how AMAZING their formal wear is!


As a girl who loves fashion, shopping has always been one of my all time favorite past times. But as someone who has always been plus size, shopping has also been one of my most frustrating past times. When I was younger, shopping used to traumatize me. Cute and trendy clothing didn’t come in my size and the pieces that did fit were large, unflattering “bags” that covered my body completely. It felt like the clothes were trying to punish every ounce of fat collected on my 5’11” frame. After many failed attempts at trying to find affordable and stylish clothing that fit, I traded in my potential style for baggy t-shirts and jeans.

So what happens when a young girl who is self-conscious about her body is asked to go to HOMECOMING!? … Insert panic attack… Formal dresses are structured. Formal dresses have beading that doesn’t stretch. Formal dresses have *GASP* zippers! I remember being that girl. I remember not even wanting to go to a dance for fear of not being able to find a dress that fit me. And believe me, this isn’t just happening when we’re young. There are women scared to death of shopping for a wedding dress, fearful that they are not going to be able to find the dress of their dreams because it isn’t made in their size. What happens when there’s a fancy work party that calls for cocktail attire? You can’t wear jeans and a baggy t-shirt to a black tie event.


THIS is where Sydney’s Closet comes in! I’m so beyond happy to see companies starting to create quality clothing in plus sizes. The industry is coming a long way. Sydney’s Closet specializes in formal wear with a size range from 14-40. There are intricate, gorgeous gowns in every shape, style, color, and design. No matter what special occasion you might have, they have a dress for you!

We don’t have to hide anymore, ladies. You deserve to have just as many options as anyone else. You are beautiful, and you don’t have to fear dress shopping ever again!


Shop Sydney’s Closet now

Photography by: @kristinaelizabeth_photography


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