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The Curvy Rebel for Willwork

Hey Rebels!

Happy October! This month, I have had the pleasure of teaming up with @WillworkNYC. I’m so excited to share with you a company that has taken the standard, classic robe and turned it into a fully functional and stylish self care garment. I don’t know how else to say it, WillWork has created the ULTIMATE robe!

When I first heard about Willwork, I got really excited. They use luxury eco-friendly fabric to create a great garment, created by women for women (YAY Girl Bosses)! After doing my fair share of research, I’m now a robe lover, and  you guys …  this robe is an essential part to my everyday life. Not only does the Willwork robe come adorned with multiple tiny hooks and adjustable loops to create the ultimate lounging gear, it was also specially designed to cater towards new mothers. The robe will adjust to all stages of pregnancy. Then when your new little love bug arrives, it creates a versatile garment to keep you comfortable all while catering to you and your little love bug’s needs including skin to skin contact and coverage when breast feeding (if needed).


Now, while I am not pregnant, nor a new mother, I am still  obsessed with the amazing features this robe has to offer:

1.) The drapey high low hem allows my taller frame to be comfortable doing daily activities around the house while still feeling stylish.

2.) The strap that you use to to tie around your waist is connected to the back making it impossible to lose while washing.

3.) The fabric is just so comfortable.

4.) Pockets…I mean hello!

5.) And last but not least it comes in PLUS SIZES.


So ladies, whether you are pregnant, a new mommy, plus size, or just a fabulous amazing go getter whose rest and relaxation deserves the ultimate lounge wear, this product is for you!

To shop the Willwork click the link below and don’t forget to use the coupon code!

The Willwork Robe

Use Code: CurvyRebel to receive 20% off your purchase!!


See you next month, Rebels!



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