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The Ins and Outs of Plus Size Events from Lacey with PurePlusFashion

You might call it a “Bash”, “Plus Size Party” or “Size Acceptance Event”, or maybe you don’t call them anything at all because this is the first you’ve heard! Well, I’m to about to enlighten you, or further your knowledge, on one of the most phenomenal experiences within the plus size community.

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If you haven’t heard of the plus size events that are held all over the world, here’s the run down. Basically a bunch of pretty rad people gather together and the result is epic! An event can run over the weekend or sometimes span over an entire week of fabulous fun. During the day there are scheduled activities such as meet and greets, vendor fairs or workshops, and then come nightfall it’s an all out wild party! Whether it’s a fun themed party or a pool party, the real theme of the night is acceptance! I can’t urge enough as to how amazing it feels to be in a body positive environment and a judgment free zone. Attending an event can open your eyes on how society really should work, size acceptance is something we need in this world!

bash picture 1Not everyone has the same experience, but for me these events have been life changing! I would be sitting at my work desk after returning from an event, and I would think to myself— “Was that real life?” I was just in an environment where I confidently wore a bikini at a pool party and received nothing but compliments and admiration. I was just spending time with people who understood my struggles. I related to them completely. They were just like me! Attending plus size parties gave me the confidence I needed to tackle the real world as a plus size woman. I felt uplifted and empowered. These events were the first stepping stone in my journey to self love.

The quick question round up!
Q: Is it easy to meet people at an event?
A: Absolutely! It’s easy to mingle with people who you can relate to. You’ll definitely make a heap of friends, you might just find a new BFF, and who knows— maybe the future love of your life will be there!

Q: Who attend these events?
A: All genders, all races, all backgrounds, all ages! Anyone can attend, as long as you have the right attitude! But of course most of the parties involve alcohol and are 21+ events.

Q: Where do I get started?
A: The company I would recommend is XLence Plus. They are the only plus size event company who host events in multiple cities all over North America. From Vegas to New Jersey, Seattle to OC, the vibe is always the same— a comfortable and accepting environment. Plus they really know how to throw a party; fun themes, great decor, and huge crowds. We’re talking about over 300 amazing people per party. Sign me up!

For more information on XLence Plus you can visit, or for a complete listing of all events offered in the plus size community— Shapely Events is a great tool and one stop source! Want to get a taste of what the party feels like? Click here!

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