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Valentine’s Day Smokey Eye with Linni

Have you thought about your makeup look for Valentine’s Day this weekend? Instead of the traditional red lip, you could try this cranberry sparkly smokey eye. It’s sultry, sexy, and easy to do!

1. Prime those eyes. Smokey eyes are a favorite, but they can look dull or smear after a few hours. To combat this issue, use a primer! It accentuates the color of your shadow and helps it last all night.
2. Spray your eye brushes with setting spray.  Before you dab your brush into shadow, spray the brush with a setting spray, like MAC fix+ or Elf Setting Spray. It gives the shadow a creamy, heavily pigmented look, and helps it adhere to the eye.
3. Sparkles are trendy right now. If you don’t love them, just don’t use them! Accentuate the area with a pearl or metallic shadow of your liking. If you do love the loose glitter, make sure to use an adhesive like glue glitter or urban decay potion primer. Pushing it lightly on to the lip with a small brush gives you much more control. Don’t forget- you don’t need much to make a huge impact! Just put the glitter in a small vertical section in the middle of your lid to create a dazzling halo effect.
4. If your glade lashes aren’t staying on well, lifting in the corners or sliding around- consider cutting them vertically. Having the eyelash in two separate pieces helps it adhere better, and lessens the lifting in the corners. It also gives you more control over where the lash is placed. Use tweezers to hold the lash near the base and go slowly, and let the glue dry for about a minute or until it’s sticky. Super wet glue will make the lash slide all over the place.
5. There’s no rule that says you can’t wear dark lipstick with a dark smokey eye. I love nudes and pinks but feel free to rock dark red, bright red, even a candy pink to go with your look. Part of the fun of makeup is pushing the limits!
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