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Vanessa Lu Birthday Staycation

It was my birthday this weekend, and because of how busy my schedule was this week, I decided to take a mini mini trip with my Faves to Montreal, Quebec. I wanted to feel like I was elsewhere, even though I wasn’t too far from home [Toronto]. This might have been my favourite Birthday in a LONG time!

You want to know how old I am? Well I’m twenty something’…. that’s all I’m giving you guys.

Back to this weekend, my girls & I drove over to Ottawa for one night. The party scene is no Toronto, but it was a great kick off. We got to a friends house in Ottawa, and I was quickly serenaded with my cover of a slowed down version of “Lean On” by Major Lazer. I was also greeted with fruit topped wine, balloons everywhere, plus chocolate cake! I hate cake, but I was excited to blow out candles and make a wish. I’m sooo NOT the emotional type, but I almost cried. It really touched my heart that my friends cared enough to surprise me by doing this for me. After some sweets and drinks, I got ready, and decided to wear this amazing Barbie Pink dress from @Amiclubwear. Guys, my tan + highlight mixed with the Barbie Pink dress literally was EVERYTHING! How do you guys feel about it? Are we feeling the look?


@Amiclubwear Use code “VANESSALU50” for 50% discount


@Amiclubwear Use code “VANESSALU50” for 50% discount


@Amiclubwear Use code “VANESSALU50” for 50% discount

About that night, The night life wasn’t all that lit, the people were so different, but the vibe between my girls and I is always the best. We can always make something out of nothing!

Fast forward to the next morning, breakfast in bed, got to packing, and then en route for Montreal! I was so amped for Montreal. It had been years since I visited, so I was pretty excited to go back to a place with such charming streets. Guys, the process was sooo long. What should have been an easy 2 hour drive quickly doubled as I forgot my wallet in Ottawa. We had plans to go to a nice fancy restaurant, that quickly turned to Thai Express & Sushi take out, and even still, we didn’t make it out the house till about 1:30am….. I know, I know, we’re the worst. Butttt, I got to wear this amazing mustard dress I’ve been dying to wear from @fashionnovacurve.

Honestly, I felt like a Goddess. Again, This colour, and my curls, and highlight had me feeling like an island girl, and craving a vacation. I’m sitting here like “Should I go back to Cuba? The Dominican, maybe Jamaica?”

@Fashionnovacurve Use code "VANESSALU" for $$ Off

@Fashionnovacurve Use code “VANESSALU” for $$ Off


@Fashionnovacurve Use code “VANESSALU” for $$ Off


@Fashionnovacurve Use code “VANESSALU” for $$ Off











I didn’t even mention that when I got to MTL with all my suitcases, the first thing waiting for me in front of the door was a huge bouquet of gorgeous peach flowers & a French card from a girlfriend who couldn’t make it, but still wanted to show me all this love. I felt so special!

This entire weekend was filled with love, and the people I love, and dresses that have me ready to book a flight ASAP. I was given all the feels.

Now I know, it doesn’t matter where you go, it’s about who you go with that has the potential of either making it the best, or the worst.

I’m glad this was the best!

Thank you for reading my blog post, à la prochaine.

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