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Wear the Shorts, Say Goodbye to Summer Chub Rub


Summer has officially arrived! While I love warm weather, I despise some of the things that come with it. As a thick chick, wearing shorts and skirts is really difficult because of chub rub, and I know all my fellow curvy ladies feel my pain. I get so many comments on Instagram asking what I do to combat chub rub. While it’s almost inevitable, I have found a couple of tricks to beating inner thigh chafing, and now, I am carefree when it comes to wearing shorts in the summer!

Translucent or nude tights/pantyhose 
My first, and favorite trick is wearing translucent or nude tights. This is the only thing that totally keeps chub rub away, but if you are wearing open toed shoes or sandals, tights may not be the best option. Pantyhose work best with closed toe wedges, sneakers, or flats. When I first revealed this trick to my Instagram followers, many asked, “Can’t you see the tights?” and “Aren’t they hot?” As long as you find tights in the color closest to your skin tone, they are almost invisible! And since these pantyhose are so thin, they don’t make me feel hotter than usual. I have tried a couple of brands of tights, and I found the ones I love the most. Walgreen’s No Nonsense Great Shapes All-Over are the best of the best. They come in plus sizes and can support more than 300 lbs. Best of all, they are totally sheer and don’t look shiny like most nude tights.

Anti chaffing balm / deodorant 
Another thing I love using to fight chub rub is the ChafeZone anti chaffing balm. ChafeZone keeps your thighs moisturized to combat prevent the intense friction that creates chub rub. While the balm eventually wears off, needs reapplying, and doesn’t totally solve chub rub, it works best for times when you are wearing short, shorts or open toe shoes and can’t wear tights. I recently took the advice of using deodorant similarly to how I use anti-chafing balm. However, upon doing some research, I learned that deodorant—especially scented deodorants—can be harmful to your skin or lady parts. The scents and formulations in deodorants can cause an imbalance in PH levels. Deodorant also doesn’t last as long as an anti-chafing balm.

If you love wearing maxi or midi skirts or dresses try bandelettes. These bad boys work almost as great as the tights do, but they too, also put a restriction on what you can wear with them. Usually, Bandelettes are a no-go with shorts or mini skirts since they may show.  You could also try biker shorts or a different version of slip shorts. Wearing shorts are my least favorite hack because they actually get too hot, cause static cling, and can roll up, which leaves you unprotected from chub rub.

So which method do you think I used to combat chub rub with the look above?
When I saw these denim fringe shorts, I felt conflicted because they were so cute, but chub rub seriously ruins my day. However, I decided that I would get the shorts, and put my chub rub hacks to use. So I wore this outfit to a music/food/art festival where I knew there would be tons of walking. And get this, I’m wearing nude tights! CAN YOU EVEN TELL?! I totally avoided chub rub while having fun in the sun! Even though these ankle boots are open-toed, you can barely see the tights.

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