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What is Beauty for Latinas?

Beauty for Latinas is one of the most sensitive topics ever on recent times. I think probably, because we are way too tired to live under such strong stereotypes, ruling our lives until the very last minute. It’s just terrible!  (And exhausting)

We, according the media –mostly- have to be sex bombs aka super skinny, but with big breasts, huge behinds and small waists. And when I say “have to” it’s literal. Otherwise you are considered ugly, unintelligent, stupid or pretty much invisible. The last one applies for fat women mostly.

It has taken a lot for Latinas to wake up and embrace their beauties, their uniqueness. But I have to say, we are just starting on this journey. We are not free. The numbers of dead women because of extreme dieting, plastic surgeries or beauty treatments are gross. The largest worldwide. This is very concerning, outrageous and unacceptable. In Latinamerica, we are also leading cyber-bullying, from women for our beauty.

On the other hand, the way social media has liberated us is just amazing. Yes, we are babies when it comes to body positivity, but there are so many girls and women embracing themselves and owning what they are that makes me feel proud of every one of them.

Remember the #soybonitachallenge ?  Well, it´s been an amazing display of self esteem from women of Latinamerica. Skinny, fat, pregnant, disabled, you name it. I´m extremely proud of them. Everyone looks absolutely beautiful. Here are some of my favorites!

Are you ready? Here we go!

Picky Zubieta from Panama


Natalia Pérez from Colombia

Aceptando el reto de mi gran amiga @jenniferbarretoleyva, #soybonitachallenge: por que tengo una cara linda que me hace lucir algo menor de mis casi 39 añitos, soy alta y mis curvas son pronunciadas, soy una mujer de tallas grandes, gorda orgullosa y feliz de poseer en mi piel las marcas de la maternidad, la celulitis tan normal entre otras marcas de guerra, también, sin ser menos importante; aprender a aceptar mi belleza distinta, mis rasgos antes llamados por mi "defectos", he adquirido una enorme seguridad en mi misma, he empezado a cuidarme más los últimos tres años, soy sensible, servicial y ahora apasionada por la causa compartida por tantas de ayudar a muchas mujer a amarse y respetarse, para lo cual trabajo en distintas RRSS y en mi vida diaria, nomino a mis flaquitas y gorditas, así: @klapaba_curvygirl @julianavalenciab95 @plussizeminci @em_dix @hele0900 @jospao4737 @patepp @manliuz @julyk.burgos @adriana0905

A post shared by Nathaly Pérez Guevara (@nath_curvygirl) on


Diamante Palacios from Venezuela


Anita Correa from Panama


Liliana Villarejo from Colombia

Aceptando la nominación de mi hermosa amiga @em_dix en el #soybonitachallenge y con este reto les confieso y reconozco que después de muchos años de complejos y baja autoestima , me costó aceptar que hoy a mis 51 años con mi celulitis, mis estrías, mi flacidez y las cicatrices de dos embarazos , he dejado atrás esos complejos y al mirarme al espejo veo lo hermosa que soy , y que estas curvas grandes o muy grandes para otros es lo que me hace caminar muy segura y sin mirar atrás… Mi mejor curva que es mi sonrisa dicen lo feliz que soy conmigo misma … Mis imperfecciones me hacen perfectamente feliz … Soy mucho más que un cuerpo !!! Nominó a : @naydufigueroa @masortiz324 @xexiliazoto @jennypamuca @carolarte1985

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Laura Agudelo from Colombia


Chantal Celis from Venezuela


Oris Palacios from Panama



Fernanda from Mexico



Alicia Bracho from Venezuela




No one has the power to tell you how you have to look, simple as that. People on social media have lost all kinds of empathy and forgot what real freedom of speech is about (and no, that is not say whatever you want at any costs, abusing and humiliating people, for instance)

Embrace yourself, love yourself first and foremost. I know you may hear it a lot lately, but trust me, once you get there, to that place of joy that lets you love yourself as you are, no one will be able to hurt you or break you into pieces.


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