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When Rebels Fight Back

Hey Rebels!

Happy July! Summer is in full effect, events have come and gone, and we are all settling into our summer routines. May your inner thighs be dry and your hands always have a glass full of rosé!!

I’m going to touch base on something this month that has personally affected me on an entirely different level lately…Body Shaming. I knew coming into this industry I would have to be strong, not only for myself but for all ladies everywhere. But I can’t help but notice, and I’m going to be completely honest for a second, “Ignore” is a word I hear too often.


“Ignore them, they’re just unhappy with themselves”

“Ignore the haters, you’re awesome”

“Keep doing you, ignore what the trolls say”




This month I have been told by people that don’t even know me that I am going to die of diabetes. That I need to stop eating so many cheeseburgers, Doritos, fast foods, chips, guacamole, chips again, and cookies. I’m the reason why the obesity rate is so high in America, because I glamorize being fat. That my legs look like a popular driving app called WAZE. My tits are too saggy, and my legs are too small. I’m obese, yet to some I’m not plus enough. I get sexualized and judged all because I am a female existing in her body confidently. As these comments roll in, I sit and just wonder why these people are allowed to say whatever they want and we are all just supposed to ignore.

Well, Rebels, if you haven’t noticed by now, I’m not one to follow rules. So I’m fighting back. I decided to start a campaign a few months ago to help gain awareness of online bullying, and I figured this would be the PERFECT platform to start it off. I’ve enlisted some of the industries top bopo queens, and some of my favorite people in the entire world. Every week will showcase a different REBEL and her struggle with online bullying. Together we will make an impact by fighting back. I’m calling it the Self Portrait Series. I wanted to bring a certain “realness” to online bullying. I asked each girl to take a photo of herself how she feels most real. Some took photos without a stitch of makeup, some were smiling, some were upset but we all had one thing in common, we were all vulnerable.

I truly believe when people are scrolling, they forget that there are real people behind social media posts. It’s almost like, we as a society are brainwashed into believing what we say to one another online won’t hurt. It’s a normal thing that we all should just ignore (there’s that awful word again). My babes and I are here to show you through raw images and actual, real quotes that have been said to us, that we have real feelings, real bodies, real lives, real emotions, we are real victims, and we are ambushed daily, and IT IS WRONG.

I’ll start with myself:

This one truly affected me, it was the first comment I couldn’t seem to let go of. This was the reason I started the campaign.



“How does it feel to know you’re going to die before the age of 50”

If you are here for this, then I encourage you to jump on board. I will be posting a new photo every week. I’ve included my email below, and I would love to hear your story and get you involved.

Who’s ready to join the Rebellion?



  • Tameka Wells

    I’m so excited about this campaign!! Glad to be a part of it!

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