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Who will be the new face of Torrid?


When you think of plus size fashion, one of the first brand names that comes to mind is Torrid. A staple in the plus size world, Torrid has made a name for itself by making fashionable clothes for the plus size girl to help make them feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. And now, the time has come for them to find a fresh new, face to represent their store, and what better way to do that than to have a nation wide model contest. Now if you haven’t been keeping up with this search, they have set their eyes on their top four contestants who have been sent off to LA to compete. The whole series documenting the search can be seen at their website or on their youtube channel. The docu series might not be as intense as Making a Murderer, but it will leave you feeling a lot more inspired and powerful. The winner will be announced on January 16th.

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The first contestant is Marguerite from Chicago, IL. The self proclaimed “Carry Bradshaw of Chicago”, Marguerite has an ever changing fashion sense and rarely falls into one category. You can imagine that someone who can go from prep to punk in a matter of days, probably lives a pretty fun life, and you’d be right. Marguerite calls her apartment a petting zoo with her two cats and fluffy bunny that keep her running around and constantly lint rolling her wardrobe. Luckily all that madness goes to good use, inspiring her music. Marguerite is an opera singer by trade, and though you only get a little taste of it in the video, can I just say, girl can sang (not sing. There is a difference.) It’s hard to think that someone so kick ass and confident was ever self conscious, but she says that she remembers her confidence fading as early as eight when she was bullied for her size. Her biggest fear? Jeans. Until she came into Torrid and found the perfect pair that showed off her curves and made her feel far from frumpy. Since then, she has been the image of attitude and sass, and hopes to inspire other women to feel the same way.Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.00.02 AM

The next contestant is Erica from Dallas, Texas. Erica is full of life and laughter that can sometimes lead to snorting, I’m not kidding. Watch her video, the girl’s laugh is contagious. She started making her own clothes at age 12 and is studying business to help her turn her gift into a something more profitable. Though she is now known as loud and full of life, there was a time that timid was the best word used to describe her. Her struggle with body image sprouted from an emotionally abusive stepdad who convinced her that her changing body wasn’t beautiful. She began to wear baggy clothes, and hide her figure. She struggled with depression for years, until finally she decided that she had to stop hiding. The turning point was throwing out her baggy clothes and embracing her body. Brands like Torrid gave her the ability to have style like everyone else. Style helped her gain confidence and find her inner fierceness, as shown by her love of leopard print. 

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Third up is Lyanna from the small town of Harlington, Texas. A classic small town girl, Lyanna loves to spend time outside and escape the world of technology. She didn’t have too many fashion options growing up. Her mom was a single mother and money was tight, so whatever fit her, she wore. That is not the case now, however. Lyanna loves expressing herself through fashion, which is an exciting  considering there was a time she didn’t even believe she was beautiful, thanks to an abusive ex-boyfriend. She finally got the courage to leave him, and put herself first. Now, she hopes to inspire other women to have the same confidence and make themselves a priority, no matter their size.

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And last but not least is Brooke, from West Hollywood. Brooke says a part of her has always been confident, but that part was hidden when her parents got a divorce and she put on 150 pounds in a year. She says she hated the way she felt more than anything, and she hid those feelings with food. One day, though, she decided that enough was enough and she needed to start caring about herself. That’s what prompted her to learn about health, exercise, and how to cook. Today, she loves cooking for her family and friends, she calls herself “vegan-ish”. She has a confidence that everyone should have. According to Brooke, the key to this confidence is a healthy life and an understanding of the mind body connection. I gotta say, I think she’s on to something.

Now the real question is which one of these beautiful, inspiring women will become the next face of Torrid? I’ll be watching January 16th to find out!

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