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You Need to See These Re-Imagined Disney Princesses!

Hey Skorchies-

Jonquel Norwood or as many know her by Jonquel Art is a woman reinventing fashion illustrations. Recently we go the chance to learn more about Jonquels artistic process and journey to where her art is now.

When did you start doing “plus size illustrations

“I started doing “plus size” art in 2015, it was like finding myself. It started because of a rude comment a strange made about my weight (don’t you love those) and a quote from Drake “I like my women BBW” (don’t judge, I like that line) that sparked it. I decided to turn towards fashion illustration after attending a plus fashion show and realizing, to quote Jasmine there’s’ “A whole new world” of plus I’d never know. This is just my way of spreading the word and seeking representation for us.”


We know that in the past masters of the art world portrayed plus size woman often- what has the reaction been for you in modern times?

“Well in the old masters days, there were no “plus” women, just women. The term “plus” was created by the media when apparel went to mass production. It’s much easier to create clothing in smaller sizes, so therefore the “standards” were born. Sorry, a little off topic, I get passionate about this subject.  I’ve gotten overwhelming support from the community. So many women have contacted me to say I make them feel beautiful. I know I’m in a very small market in the art world, which now favors smaller body types, but I’m confident that my voice will be heard.”


What’s the best part about drawing plus size forms?

“We are dope! Most artist draw straight size figures (I still do sometimes), but there is something special about drawing forms similar to mine. People often tell me that “big” aren’t that beautiful in real life and laugh in their faces. They have no clue about the endless amount of inspiration plus size women give me with every fierce selfie or crop top photo. I love drawing glam plus bodies, we’re walking works of art.”


What medium do you like to work with the most?

“I mainly ink my girls by hand, then I scan them into Photoshop for coloring. Though I plan to return to painting in the future, picture my art of large canvases.”


Most recently Jonquel produced a collection of illustrations that made over some of the most iconic female characters in history- Disney Princess.  “As you know a recent study has revealed the average American woman now wears a size 16-18. For over 75 years the Disney Princesses have been ingrained in our mind as the first pictures of beauty, grace and lifestyle, but there has been a lack of diversity amongst them.”


Thanks to Jonquel we can now visualize what our favorite princess would wear if she were our plus size BFF!

“My goal was to envision them as modern day plus size fashionistas, wearing clothing inspired by actual plus size brands. All the magic, wonder, and pixie dust now in an “average” body type. Because like beauty, magic has no size so let’s celebrate the wonder of the 67%!”




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