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Miss Peru embraces the curves

She is Mirella Paz Baylón, and she is a candidate on the current Miss Peru competition, but she is not just another candidate. She is the very first plus size candidate of Miss Peru history, so she is the candidate.

Mirella has been in the spotlight for her weight and courage. She is about 5´8 and 190 lbs. when she started on her path to Miss Peru. Now, she has started to “eat healthy” and exercise. Currently, she has lost 30 lbs. and plans to lose more.

As a former beauty queen, I´ve been following her and wrote an open letter and posted it, congratulating her due on her class and good attitude in dealing with the press and trolls on a daily basis. She has been a trouper; I can tell you from my own experience, this is only for really thick-skinned people…

The beauty “experts” have been extremely cruel to her, not to mention beauty pageants fans that are divided 40%-60% love-hate feelings towards Mirella. If you think you´ve heard, listened and experienced fat hate, you really haven´t seen anything. Whatever you’ve experienced, Latin America goes fast and hard 1000% times more.

So far, Mirella has conquered every possible test on her path to the Miss Peru finale. Still there is apparently one final test and then she will be in the final group of competitors. For me and all her supporters, she is already a winner. Having the courage to break stereotypes and going against the flow and defying all odds, requires much more than courage, and is something not everybody can claim.

I would love to hear what our readers have to say, so now it’s not my time to talk, it’s yours.

What do you think of this, her weight loss, what are your words on this?

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