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#soybonitachallenge the newest trend taking socialmedia for Latinas by storm

Last week I talked on my radio show about the challenges in social media related to beauty and bodies. I was horrified on my pre-production research; there is pretty much every kind of stupidity out there. From your hips size, to your clavicles as a reference of your weight and much more. Every challenge was worse than the previous one. Every single one of them just telling people how ugly they could be and nothing but that. Forcing them to have a weight and body type absolutely ridiculous and unnatural. Wrong on every possible level.

I´ve invited curvy vlogger @monchilu from Venezuela to talk about it. While she was talking, I had the idea to start a new challenge, to change all the negativity that I´ve found in social media. I´ve decided to start the #soybonitachallengejeniffer which means #iambeautifulchallenge. What do people have to do? Take a picture of you, the one you like the most, using the hashtag #soybonitachallenge and post in your social media all the nice things you have to say about your beauty and yourself and pass it to your friends.  So far it has been a slow, but a very positive thing.

You don´t have to belong to the plus size community/industry to be part of this. Beauty queens, models, curvy models, plus models, influencers, vloggers and more people of all sizes from all over Latinamerica have joined us. I´m truly humbled and blessed by the results of this crazy idea of mine. I´m a firm believer that hate should be fought with love, not more hate.

Join us and stay tuned, because I´m pretty sure you will hear a lot about this…

And you, tell us: why you are beautiful?

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