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Royal Issue

The new issue is now live! So excited! This issue was inspired by powerful women.  When I was styling the Cover Editorial,  I had Khaleesi in mind. Strength, Power, Kindness, you name it. For this Youtheary Khmer was the match made in heaven.  Her garments are fierce and exuded the strength that I needed.  Nichole Alex and her team of course make my dreams a reality.  And there are no words for the perfection that is Plus Size Model Rayna.

Ava Sfez also comes to mind when I think powerful women.  She is cultured, strong, exotic and a great representative of royal power.  I can definitely see Ava running a mythical land making her kingdom’s jaw drop with her keen fashion sense. This issue has great features, an amazing editorial from two plus models in the struggle between good and evil.  Plus Model Lexi brings her strength and shows us that a full time mom can still be a royal beauty.

I hope you all enjoy!


Tiffany Kaelin Knight

  • Marissa Owens

    I loved it! For the Feb/March Issue, make it bright and springy! It was a lovely magazine, but it felt wintery and cold with the warm red colors! I wanna see greens, and bright blues, and yellows, and lush pinks!

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