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Meet The Internets Goth Body Positive Princess!

In the days between our interview, and it being published Alyssa produced a tumblr post that is currently going viral! (Find it HERE!) There is no doubt that Alyssa Thralls is absolutely a Goth Body Positive Princess, and that is what attracted me most to her. I had the opportunity to speak to this LA based artist, and DJ about feminism, fashion, and all things fabulous!

Alyssa has been driven to change the world since she was young girl. Having struggled with depression, and anxiety Alyssa found solitude and inspiration in the form music, and art. “I am deeply inspired by art released 1890-1940’s, and I feel like as an artists it is my responsibility to pay it forward!”

Q- “Where do you feel your art is going?”


“Where am I going? (Laughs) I don’t totally know, but that is why I moved to LA to work myself out!  I really want to do something with music. The music industry as we all know is a super misogynist industry – I would hang out with guys in bands/DJ’s, and even if I knew the same, or more as them they would never ask me to DJ for them! Yet they would ask if I liked their haircut, and to help them dress better!”

Q-“What inspires you daily?”


“I have always been really driven, and growing up being told that you are never going to be famous that you will never be anyone is hard. I remember being told you just need to get a job, and a husband I was instantly like “Hell no! That may work for you Honey, but not me!” I have been so inspired though my depression, and anxiety by art, photography, cinema, and music that I have always felt a responsibility to pay it forward. This is so that the next generation will know that you are not the only weirdo.”



Q- “When did you start your Body Positive Journey?”


“I would say about a year and a half ago. Me, and my body have been on a funky adventure. I was heavy growing up, and I had weight issue pushed on me. Growing up my self-hate was strong, and thin privilege was taught as the best you could possibly be. I have been told over, and over “Your face is so pretty if only you lost weight!” (Haven’t we all been told this at some point?) I got to a point where I went from a size 22 to an 8 in a year, and that MESSED ME UP! Suddenly I had a whole new set of problems, it turns out that beauty privilege did not solve any of my problems, and created new issues that messed with me even further! During this time I began shaming myself even more heavily than I had before!”

Alyssa continued-

“I had gotten in to fashion at my size 8, and I have never given it up. Even when I was seriously depressed, and dressing in loose clothing I loved fashion. While living in NYC I bumped in to Feminism at the most perfect time in my life, and by the time I was moving to LA I was finally self-affirming myself every day that I was worth loving. What really pushed me in to fully self-loving was photographing my full body, and no longer just photos of only my face.”

Alyssa credits her early Instagram photo shoots to her boyfriend, and says now working with other photographers has helped to push her even further outside her comfort zone. “I have been having more, and more real modeling experiences, and the photographers will have me pose in ways I never would have in the past, and I am just like “WHOA”!”


*Behind the scenes of a Teales Coco photo shoot*

Q-“Your look is so different! Is this a look that has developed over time, or have you always had this certain type of style?”

A-“I have always known I was a weirdo, and I was born different. It is my Avant Garde DNA. I don’t want to conform, I don’t want to be in a pack, and I have always wanted to be that way. It has been a struggle in my life with people telling me to be a certain way, and I have gone through many different aesthetics. I am finally honing in on my style, and what makes me-ME!”

So of course on the topic of style, and clothing I had to ask Alyssa where she loves to shop the most!

“I really like Chubby Cartwheels! I really appreciate that she is doing fun, funky stuff! I also really like Kill Star, and recently met the owner! I found out their stuff goes up to a 2x, but I never knew because they never show their products on a plus size model! I also really like Deandri, and Forever21! My feelings are mixed with Forever21, but they are one of the few brands who realize there is market for Plus Size. I actually went in to one of their stores and they had moved the plus size section to the front of the store! Seeing this almost made me crackdown in to tears!”



Q- “What message would you most want people to her if you could only tell them one thing?”

A-“Just be yourself! That is the most important thing you can do. Loving yourself, trusting yourself, and realizing that you deserve everything.  Just strive to just be the most you that you can be!”


Q-“What are your future plans?”

“Music, magazine features, and producing more DJ mixes. I want to combine my love for music and fashion. I feel like woman have been shut out of the music community for so long, and I have had to fight through the misogynist industry. I have had to deal with everything in the industry as pretending to have the same attitude as a dude. That is the only way I felt like I could deal with it. I feel like I want to really break this mold!”


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